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Personalizing Scandinavian Interior

by Nikki Reid 30 Sep 2021 0 Comments
Personalizing Scandinavian Interior

Create a personal stamp on your home by keeping these things in mind when decorating. 


The most beautiful homes and interiors are fulled with carefully selected furniture and home accessories  - A collection of all things loved and collected over time. Create contrast with foreign influences and mix old with new. 

We all know it's not easy to style a home especially on a budget so take your time and choose well. Once you have picked a theme, however, continue it through your home to create a flow.



It’s no secret that we love working with these incredibly beautiful materials. Along with their element of luxe, solid brass and copper will always be in style. With copper and brass being a natural element its no wonder they work so seamlessly with timber. Create a bold statement or keep it understated and just add touches of it to your decor. There has been a massive oversaturation of imitation copper and brass as of late so pick carefully and make sure you're buying the real deal to avoid looking ‘cheap’.




There has been a huge ethnic influence surrounding Scandinavian style, due to the simplicity, ethnic pieces are easy to incorporate. Don’t be afraid to play with textures and textiles, think rattan pendants, Moroccan rugs and Mexican handwoven fabrics - rustic minimalism come in here also,  rustic ceramics, Urn's and linens can add an earthy feel. Keep your colours neutral though as it's  easy to detract from that minimal style you're trying to achieve.



Okay - so when it comes to art it gets a little personal, it's all so individual in what each of us like and let's face it, it can be expensive! When styling your Scandai - inspired home with art there's a few things to keep in mind ...


1. less is more

2. slim line frames are your friend

3. line art is ideal for smaller spaces

4. gallery walls are easy and reasonably cheap to achieve but add a whole lot of personality - make a gallery wall look more cohesive by grouping frames together



Dark interiors aren’t for everyone but boy does it exude elegance when done well. Dark cabinetry in the kitchen or a feature wall in the bedroom can be all it takes to take your home from everyday ‘Scandi' to a home full of personality and style.



Slight recap regarding my last post and bringing the outside in - plants are a great way to add personality colour and texture - pair with earthy pots, terracotta is on its way back in for 2017, pop one in your kitchen or living, it will bring a touch of warmth interest and colour yet still feel neutral and earthy. 

 X Nikki.


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