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by Nikki Reid 16 Aug 2017 0 Comments

Scandinavian interiors exude a down to earth attitude, with timeless understated elegance boasting innovation and functionality.

Here are 6 STEPS to help you start off in the right direction in creating that beautiful Scandinavian home.

  1.  Earthy Muted Tones

  2.  Honest Materials

  3.  Flawless Craftsmanship & Functionality

  4.  Minimal Ornamentation

  5.  Nature

  6.  Understated Elegance

Earthy muted tones.

Whites and greys - Your area needs to feel open, bright and light.

Even though you may live in a place were majority of the year it is light and warm, this pallet still works.

It’s easy, practical and an obvious choice for any home.



When I say honest materials I’m mainly talking floors and furniture.

Most, if not all Scandinavian homes that have timber flooring have light timber flooring. 

This comes down to the nature of the timber that grows there.

While soft woods are more economical and used mainly in Scandinavia (pine, beech and birch)

In Australia cypress and hoop pine is a common light flooring.

Obviously not everyone has the convenience of already having this flooring available to them so you can create a similar look with floating flooring, adhesive plank flooring and bamboo.


Every piece of furniture should in someway or another serve a purpose.

An ideal Scandinavian home is functional and liveable, furniture is made with honest materials and beautiful craftsmanship, wood, metal and fabrics.

You could say this is where we found our inspiration behind Scandiluxe, whilst renovating a small 1950’s cottage we lacked space and storage.

That’s where we designed our first wall hook (Kink wall hooks)

Without compromising style this can be easily achieved, The Scandinavians have been doing it for decades.



Minimal ornamentation is what sets Scandinavian decor apart from the rest. Clean lines and simplicity.

Scandinavians favourite accent colour is blue, clearly it stands out against the muted tones.

Copper and brass accents add an element of luxe, whilst glass vases and ceramics create areas for floral arrangements and interesting shapes and texture.



The sweeds love to bring the outside in as much as possible - they have a deep rooted love for nature and while they have many summer days majority of the year can be cool and dark.

They reflect this by bringing in numerous plants. Obviously because each country has its own natural flora choosing what plants suit the best in your climate is important.


Understated elegance

Quote - Elegance is beauty that shows unusual effectiveness and simplicity.

When I talk about understated elegance I mean exactly that. Of course, this can mean different things to different people however its core understanding is that it's not complicated and that's exactly what Scandinavian living exudes. 


I hope that this post gives you an insight and understanding into where to start when designing your own Scandi - inspired home, starting is always the hardest part. 

Next week I'll be talking about trends that compliment Scandinavian interiors, I hope to see you here.

( I'd love to know what you think regarding this post and whether it was helpful? ) 

X Nikki.

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