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Transforming Spaces: A Collaboration with Interior Designer Jess O'Shea

by Julian reid 25 Jun 2024 0 Comments
Transforming Spaces: A Collaboration with Interior Designer Jess O'Shea

Introduction to Jess O'Shea and Her Business

Meet Jess O'Shea, a seasoned professional in the design industry with nearly two decades of experience. 


Jess began her journey in Industrial Design, taking on drafting roles that provided her with a solid foundation in cabinetry construction.

After spending ten years with a large cabinet-making company, Jess transitioned into interior design, establishing her own business seven years ago.

 Her firm, based in the greater Perth area and the South West, primarily focuses on residential renovations.

Jess and her dedicated team of four exceptional women have become known for their meticulous cabinetry designs and transformative projects.

"We specialize in residential projects, mainly renovations, which I find particularly rewarding. Our typical clients are families or couples, aged 30 and above, who appreciate thoughtful design and are willing to invest in it," 

About the Robinson St Project Featuring Scandiluxe Products

The Robinson St Project is a testament to Jess's expertise and creativity. The clients, who often relocate due to their jobs, purchased a Federation-era home in Subiaco. The house required significant updates, including solving the common issue of a combined laundry and bathroom and leveling out split levels in the rear kitchen, living, and dining areas.

"Inspiration for this project came from the existing home and the clients' love for mid-century design and color," Jess explained. The result is a seamless, updated space that honors the home's historical elements while infusing modern aesthetics.


Choice of Scandiluxe Products

Scandiluxe products played a pivotal role in the transformation of the Robinson St home. Jess opted for custom-made walnut items, including towel ladders and hooks, to complement the brass fittings and introduce additional timber elements.

"Scandiluxe came up in conversation when we discussed bathroom fittings. The clients liked the idea of integrating more timber into the space," Jess noted.

Working with Scandiluxe Products

The experience of working with Scandiluxe was nothing short of exceptional. Although the builder managed the purchasing process, the installation was smooth, and the quality of the products exceeded expectations.

"The quality of the product is fabulous. We can't wait to specify these products again for our future projects," Jess praised.

Impact and Client Reception

The response to the completed project has been overwhelmingly positive. The clients were thrilled with the outcome, and a home open event saw about 500 visitors, with the line stretching around the corner.

"The feedback from this project has been incredible. People loved the use of color and the application of different materials and finishes. It's something different for Perth, which is known for being a bit conservative," Jess commented.

Future Perspectives

Jess sees numerous opportunities for incorporating Scandiluxe products in future projects. The variety of mixed timbers available makes them versatile for different styles.

"Absolutely, we will definitely be using Scandiluxe products in the future. In fact, I need to order a coat rack for our office"

With multiple projects in various stages, ranging from kitchen renovations to high-end new builds, Jess and her team are continually pushing the boundaries of design.

Thoughts and Advice

Jess values sourcing from an Australian family business that provides high-quality products that seamlessly complement interiors. Her advice to others in the design industry is to recognize the impact of thoughtful design and to invest in quality.


Working with Jess O'Shea

For those interested in collaborating with Jess O'Shea, the best way to reach out is through the contact form on her website. Jess is eager to hear from clients who appreciate the value of design and are ready to invest in creating beautiful, functional spaces.

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