Classic Timber Mounted Toilet Roll Holder



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Toilet Roll Holder

The minimalist and elegant Classic Oak Toilet Roll Holder & Classic Walnut Toilet Roll Holder by Scandiluxe

The Classic Oak Toilet Roll Holder is designed with timeless simplicity. An earthy and luxurious addition to your bathroom.

Featuring a kinked tip that has been cut to have the grain run continuously right to the end.

The simplicity of the hand-crafted style runs right to the wall. All of the mounting brackets are concealed.


  • Made with solid, high-quality, and sustainable timber that is made for long-term use
  • Specially handcrafted to ensure the quality of each piece
  • Choose between Walnut or American Oak Timber to match your home’s style and your preference
  • Available with or without a Luxe tip finish 
  • 2PAC water repellent coating
  • 100mm of the wall x 160mm wide

All our Oak Toilet Roll Holder timber is sustainably sourced and hand-selected. Each piece of timber is unique, and timber colours can vary and will not always look like the product description images. The timber used will always be, what has been stated on our website.  

Oak Toilet Roll Holders are back in stock NOV 16th and will be sent out within a few days. Walnut Toilet Roll Holders are currently handmade to order which means it takes time to get your perfect piece ready for your home. We typically take 3-5 weeks to produce and ship from when you order. Have any questions? Please Contact Us