Our Materials

Scandiluxe are committed to bringing you a range of environmentally sustainable and mindfully designed bathroom wares you feel good about purchasing.

Together we want to create a cleaner planet for future generations.

The materials and processes used at Scandiluxe have all been carefully selected in the attempt to keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible. As we grow we try and find new ways to ensure we are doing the very best we can to become sustainable as possible.

We hope to make ethical and responsible choices where we can which in turn helps you decide if our products are suited for your home and your way of living.

Scandiluxe products are designed in Australian with production in both Australia and China.


TIMBER - American oak and American Walnut, both Sustainably sourced, FSC and PEFC certified.


TIMBER COATING - 2Pac is short for a two pack finish, which relates to two liquids mixed to create a more durable finish.

  • The coloured polyurethane resin gives the specific colour gloss level.
  • Polyisocyanate resin: This is the hardener in the product which gives the drying capabilities, non-yellowing properties and the durability of the coating.

The combination of these two ‘packs’ causes the paint to harden. This results in a thicker, more durable surface than other paints and finishes as very little of this product evaporates due to the smaller amount of solvent in the mixture. Furthermore, it reduces the VOCs – the Volatile Organic Compounds.


STAINLESS STEEL - Stainless steel being a green product is 100 % recyclable. it’s impact on the environment is minimal compared to other materials.


POWDER COATING - Powder coating contains no solvents and therefore emit negligible if any polluting VOC’s into the atmosphere.


PVD COATING - The PVD process is clean and dry and does not create any hazardous materials. It does not generate chemical waste or water pollution.