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A Brief Look Into The History Of Scandinavian Interior

by Nikki Reid 30 Sep 2021 0 Comments
A Brief Look Into The History Of Scandinavian Interior

The ever progressing and developing style of Scandinavian design/decor is on the rise in homes around the world.

Scandinavian design is a movement founded on the basis of simplicity, minimalism and functionality that emerged in the 1950’s between the 5 nordic countries, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

The term Scandinavian design originates from a design show that travelled the US and Canada under that name from 1954-1957 promoting the “Scandinavian way of living’.

Scandinavian designers were influenced by nature and everything around them, it became a tradition of craftsmanship.

Their aim was to make their environments as comfortable as possible with the materials they had at hand.

They wanted to create light, bright practical spaces that enhanced an indoor/outdoor flow. 

Beautiful, simple, clean designs inspired by nature where then designed and are still one of the most economical, functional and well designed styles that we use in our homes today. 


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