Best practices

Step 1: Position your products on the wall.

Step 2: Make a small pencil mark on the wall directly above the centre of the timber strut. This pencil mark will become the top hole of each bracket, allow for the product to move up 8mm from where marked.

Step 3: Drill and screw the bracket to the wall using pencil marks made. This should allow you to test fit your product to the wall. Make sure the brackets are screwed back tight to prevent jamming when pulling off the wall.

Step 4: The holes in the stem of the wall bracket must be vertical.


Walls will need to be solid or have solid blocking for fixing.

Tiled or masonry walls will need nylon anchors for screwing into.

Because the toilet roll holders only have one point of contact to the wall, we recommend having all 4 screws in the wall bracket into solid blocking. For extra strength, a small dob of silicon or sika behind the bracket to the wall will help increase its strength.

Hand screw when fixing the product onto the brackets to prevent splitting.

All products are handcrafted and sizes may vary slightly.

Wall hooks - installation instructions

Q. What size drill bit should I use for pre-drilling into my wall for a Scandiluxe hook?
A. A 3mm Drill bit should be perfect if you have solid blocking or stud to fix into behind your plasterboard.

Q. What if I don't have solid blocking behind my plasterboard?
A. You will need to get a nylon wall anchor (a plastic screw in wall plug). But as with anything, if you fix to plasterboard the weight you can hang off it is limited to the strength of the plasterboard.

Q. Do I need any tools to install a hook?
A. Yes. If you are fixing into plasterboard with no back blocking you will need a medium size (#2) Phillips or cross head screwdriver, to screw in the plastic wall anchor.
A. Yes. If you are fixing into plasterboard with solid blocking, MDF sheeting or solid timber boards you will need - A drill with a 3mm drill bit
A. Yes. If you are fixing to a tiled wall with no blocking. You will need - A drill and a 6mm spear head tile drill bit and a nylon wall plug for the embedded wall hook screw to screw into. THIS OPTION IS NOT RECOMMENDED
A. Yes. If you are fixing to concrete wall. You will need - A drill and a 6mm SDS hammer drill bit and a 6mm wall plug to suit.