walnut & brass towel railToilet Roll Holder - american oak

Planning to renovate your bathroom or simply wanting to change up your look?

If so our new bathroom range will add an earthy and luxurious feel. We have been working on this range and it's exclusive wall mounting system for a while now and believe we have made products that will suit any home. 

We pride ourselves on creating products that are simple, beautiful and useful. 

Just so you know who we are, we are Nikki and Julian. We have been designing and making homewares for several years now.

We have worked closely with architects and private clients to achieve simple beautiful and useful products for new builds and renovations.

Our aim is to create timeless pieces that aid in simplifying and organising your space.

All our timber is hand selected from local merchants. We believe in quality that will stand the test of time.

We have been featured in a number of homewares magazines, adore, home beautiful and inside out and numerous blogs.

We have been blown away by the response to our questionnaire, in which you gave us hundreds of answers to the few questions we asked. 

Below we have listed the most frequently asked questions about the new range via the questionnaire. 

1. Is the range water repellant? 

Yes! we have used a European sealant that will protect the timber from moisture damage. This is first timber bathroom range of its kind in the world and it is highly water repellant.

2. Is there a hand towel rail? 

Yes! we have 2 sizes available, 30cm and 50cm in length.

3. Finishes?

There are 3 timber options available, American oak, walnut and black stained American oak. All also available with or without a solid brass and copper tip that will also be coated to keep its shine and brilliance.

4. Will the toilet roll holder hold a double length roll?


5. Maintenance?

A general wipe down with a dry cloth is significant enough.

6. Will this range be cohesive with the rest of our products?

Yes! Everything we design at Scandiluxe is designed to create a cohesive look with rest of our range. We are about simple, no fuss interiors that incorporate useful and timeless homewares.

7. installation?

We will provide a simple how to leaflet with every product sold. We have designed and manufactured our own instal system so that fixings are hidden.

8. Custom sizing?

Yes! We will provide custom sizes where needed and necessary, if possible.   

We hope this clarifies any concerns you may have with the range. This is possibly the most excited we have been about releasing a range, we know there is a real need/want for a timber bathroom range.

I will be providing you with the release date in my next post!!!

Nikki x


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